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先週会津大学で初めて口頭発表した。しかも、日本語で!原稿はこちら:語母語話者・日本語話者の英語の子音クラスター調音 ちょっとテクニカルな話しだけど、かいつまんでいうと、日本人は英語を話している時に複数の子音を一緒に発音するのが難しい。典型的な説明は、日本語のルールでは子音の後必ず母音がないといかない、なので日本人が母音を挿入する。でも「bright」という英単語の調音を詳しく分析すると、挿入母音というよりも、舌先と唇を同時に動かすのが不慣れだから舌先が遅れる。

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Korean-y Kanji

This sign is for a Korean barbeque/pub-restaurant in Shibuya, part of a chain. The top line just says that it’s a barbecue (yakiniku) pub-restaurant (izakaya). The larger characters below are the cool part, though. They’re the Japanese characters 韓の台所 (*han

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TESOL warmup: Who Are You?

I made a little warmup activity in PowerPoint to introduce stative vs. active verbs in the present tense. It’s a little quiz show about famous English-language singers. I put on the Who song “Who Are You” in the background for

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Learn a new language more quickly by focusing on pronunciation first

Learn a new language more quickly by focusing on pronunciation first This article from Scientific American does a great job of summarizing recent research on accent training and the effects on language learning. I’m actually working on my own version

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An insert-sort algorithm explained through Romanian dance

My new hobby is learning how to program in Python–hoping I’ll be able to make that language learning app I’ve been thinking of for the last couple of years, eventually. This video was *so* helpful in understanding how to sort

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Research in Snowy Fukushima-ken

ご無沙汰です! Today I’m in Aizu, in Fukushima prefecture.

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今このポッドキャストを聞いて、ちょう面白くて、みんなに紹介しようと思った。英語と日本語を自然に混じって一週間のニュースで語り合うという形で、英語や日本語を勉強してる人とか、バイリンガルな会話には興味ある人もお勧め。 I absolutely love this podcast. Two bilingual Japanese/English speakers read through and talk about the week’s news. Check it out!

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