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Getting the most out of authentic materials

Nearly every day, I see posts up in /r/LearnJapanese and similar forums for language learners, asking what kinds of resources are good and how to learn from materials made for native speakers. These people are definitely on the right track.

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Start learning Japanese — the right way

So you want to learn Japanese, do you? Good! Just follow my advice, and in 2 months, you’ll be perfectly fluent in Japanese and up to your neck in busty, blue-haired anime chicks. Actually, no you won’t. In two months,

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Want to learn a language in 2013? Make a resolution you can stick to!

Well, we’re two days in. How’s the New Year’s Resolution going? Are you planning on picking up a new language this year? Maybe you’re going to brush up that high school Spanish you’ve been neglecting. I know I should! Maybe

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