About GengoJeff

Glico glico manHello, everyone!


I’m Jeff Moore, English teacher, student of Japanese, graduate student at Sophia University in Tokyo, and aspiring linguist. I’ve been studying Japanese while teaching English in Japan for about three years now. In this blog, I want to share some of the things I’ve learned, and am still learning, about teaching a foreign language, second language acquisition, and language in general. While I don’t have a strong academic background in linguistics, I hope you’ll join me as I share what I’m learning about the field.

英語教師、日本語の勉強家、上智大学の大学院生と言語学者の卵のJeff Moore【ジェフ・ムーア】です。三年ぐらいの間、英会話学校で働きながら日本語を勉強しています。このブログでは、語学、言語、と第二外国語の学習について常に習っていることをシェアしたいと思います。言語学の学問的な経験はまだ少ないですが、勉強中で一緒に習いましょう。

“Gengo” (言語/げんご) means “language” in Japanese, and although I intend to write about language generally, you can expect to see a lot of content geared toward students of Japanese, Japanese students of English, and toward teachers of Japanese students.


Thank you for reading!


4 comments on “About GengoJeff
  1. Keiko Tange says:

    Hi! Jeff!
    This is keiko! I’m your student.

    I’ll read your blog and I tried Listening Quest!
    But I was not able to that …I’m sad.

    I’ll hear it everyday…maybe(^^;
    I do my best!

    see you next week♪

    • gengojeff says:

      Thank you, Keiko! I hope you had fun trying. I think fun practice is great! Don’t do any boring practice, though. Only fun practice, and you can be busy practicing and enjoying English for a long, long time.

  2. Diego says:

    Hey Jeff I need some help with Japanese culture… Do you have a mail or something where I can contact you

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