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New Experiment: Rapid Prosodic Transcription

Hot off the presses! Here’s a new program I made for one of Donna Erickson’s experiments. It’s all about testing where people hear stress and phrase breaks in speech. If you’re in one of Donna’s classes, and this is your

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I made a vector graphic of Noam Chomsky. For you, my dears, for you.

Feel free to copy, alter, print or tattoo this wherever you want. You don’t even have to say, “Hey, thanks Jeff”, if that’s how you want to be about it. Enjoy.

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  • The #PhilandoCastile decision proves again that in the US, the law exists only to uphold power and oppress the powerless. 1 week ago
  • RT @shiikazuo: 自民・公明は「早く採決すれば都議選までに忘れるだろう」と強行に走った。 このあまりに卑怯な党略に対する最も有効な方策は「忘れないこと」と「審判をくだすこと」です。 1 week ago
  • This is a bread. How thankful! #100均英語 4 weeks ago
  • It is a small happiness for your convenient life. #100均英語 4 weeks ago
  • RT @ditzkoff: So tired of these reboots. 1 month ago