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[TEFL Game] Office Worker Board Game

Here’s a game I made for a recent class, in the Japanese sugoroku style. It’s aimed at helping students practice talking about things they’ve done in the work place, so if your syllabus has you working on present perfect this week, try it out.

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In my own home, no less!

Parties? Sure. Brew and mischief? Yeah, I’m always down for a little brew and mischief. Not sure about the hipsters, though. I’m pretty sure even hipsters don’t like hipsters.

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A quick look at my new school

I’ve been working at Shinokubo Gogakuin in Shibuya for a little over a month now, just part time on Mondays and the occasional Tuesday. So far, it’s great, and I’m really enjoying the change of pace. Since it’s mainly a

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Guess My Secret!

If you’ve taught English to a few hundred people already, you’ve probably had this conversation a few hundred times. “Hello, <student>! I’m <teacher>. Nice to meet you!” “Nice to meet you too.” “What do you do, <student>?” “Sorry?” “What is

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