TESOL warmup: Who Are You?

I made a little warmup activity in PowerPoint to introduce stative vs. active verbs in the present tense. It’s a little quiz show about famous English-language singers. I put on the Who song “Who Are You” in the background for fun. Feel free to use, remix and share this if you find it helpful!

I made it because I started working part time at a school in Shibuya about a month ago. It’s called Shinokubo Gogakuin, although it’s not actually in Shinokubo. It’s also not an English school, reallyit’s mostly a Korean school with a few English classes. So far I’ve been teaching English to a few of the Korean teachers there, and I’m really enjoying teaching again.

We’re working from a book called “Basic Grammar in Use”. Not my choice, mind you. I prefer to teach more task-oriented lessons and focus on the kinds of things learners can do with the language, like ordering coffee or asking for help, rather than which grammatical forms they can use. It’s not a bad book for what it does, and it says right on the third or fourth page that it’s meant to be a self-study book rather than a course book. I’m keeping book work outside the class, as homework, and using the grammar more as a guideline for making thematic, communicative activities.


English teacher, student of Japanese, and aspiring linguist.

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