Look what I got to play with! 音声学のおもちゃ!

Today in class, our professor, Donna Erickson, brought in some devices used to simulate human speech organs.

今日の授業では、教授のDonna Erickson先生が人間の発音器官をシミュレートする仕掛けを持ってきてくれました。

I got my terms mixed up a little in the video, but basically:


  • Wataru is replacing the lungs in this equation. 渡さんが肺の代理をしています。
  • The tube is the trachea, or “windpipe.” チューブが気管のように空気を通します。
  • The black bit has a reed in it that vibrates, like the vocal folds (also called vocal chords). その黒い部分は声帯のように振動します。
  • The clear plastic bit at the end simulates the pharynx and mouth, and their shape determines what sound you’ll get. その透明なプラスチック部分が咽頭と口の役目をして、その形で何の音が出るか決まります。

Really cool, right? すごくないですか?


English teacher, student of Japanese, and aspiring linguist.

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One comment on “Look what I got to play with! 音声学のおもちゃ!
  1. […] and used plastic tubes to show how that works. I’ve posted about the tubes previously, so check out that video if you want to see and hear how they […]

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