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My First Academic Conference!

Last weekend I attended my first academic conference, and it was amazing. I got to meet a whole bunch of researchers, including some big names that I’ve read and seen cited many, many times. I also got to present a

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Who decides what English-speaking culture is?

In my last post, I wrote that English no longer belongs to native speakers. I have no intention of cheapening, dismissing or denigrating our culture as native English speakers. I absolutely believe that English comes loaded with culture, and is

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Is teaching English a form of linguistic imperialism?

I teach English, because I want to help people learn to communicate better with one another. English is the language of international communication, by and large, and I want my students to be able to join in that culture. At

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Research in Kanazawa!

Kazumi and I participated in some great research in Kanazawa! We got to be guinea pigs for measuring the movement of the jaw and tongue during speech for English, Spanish, and Japanese. I’ll get to examine the data once it’s

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今このポッドキャストを聞いて、ちょう面白くて、みんなに紹介しようと思った。英語と日本語を自然に混じって一週間のニュースで語り合うという形で、英語や日本語を勉強してる人とか、バイリンガルな会話には興味ある人もお勧め。 I absolutely love this podcast. Two bilingual Japanese/English speakers read through and talk about the week’s news. Check it out!

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Hot Button Issue: using students’ native language in the classroom

Everyone knows that full immersion is the absolute best way to learn a language, right? Ideally, we all want to learn a language the way native speakers learn it, so that our own language doesn’t conflict with our new language.

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Games for Vocabulary Building

Today I’ve got a quick set of tips for language teachers on helping students practice vocabulary. Ideally, you want your students to be engaged in communicative activities that mirror real-world uses of the language. In reality, English teachers here in

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