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Why is English spelling so weird, and why is it so hard to read hiragana?

English spelling is nasty. It’s inconsistent, illogical, and only gives vague hints as to the pronunciation of the words. Why, just take a look at this poem! When the English tongue we speak. Why is break not rhymed with freak?

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単語力を上達したいと思いますか?何度もドリルしていたのに、なかなか身につけられませんか?TOEICのReadingとVocabularyが低迷していますか? 安心してください!このJeff先生の勉強しかたを紹介します。前もって断りますが、大して楽しくないんですけど、この方法を使えば毎日単語20個以上を習えますよ。

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How I started learning Japanese

I started out by doing the Pimsleur Japanese course while I was visiting Japan for the first time. You’ll hear mixed reviews of the program, but I absolutely loved it. Pimsleur got me speaking in basic phrases really fast, and

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